02 January, 2009

cheers and jeers for new years...

2009. Welcome to the new year. I always have the hope to start the new year off with a bang, but it usually starts off, this year included, as sort of a fizzled. No matter the intentions to get the year off to a great and prosperous start, the first is almost always spent in bed with a hangover that just won't seem to go away. I use to think this was because I drank my weight in whiskey and untold absurdities, but now I realize its more of being totally wasted off the previous year. In a year as pain full and morally tiering as 2008, how could we not feel our own soul being totally void of any energy and motivation.
Why is the first day of the year so pain full then? Its like we're getting the middle finger from the universe for all the stress and regrettable feats of overwork, bad diet, and a hope that next year, no matter the political outlook or spiritual outlook, will be "my year". Somehow we all believe we are entitled to a prosperous new year simply because we made it through the last one. We make new year resolutions that don't stick, we clean or house, that just gets dirty, and we evict out all the skeletons in our closet, only to fill it with new fresh corpses.
Let's make this the year that, no matter how high the hops, we feel satisfied with who we are and where we're going not only as professionals and lovers, but as people with the knowledge that the universe does not revolve around us, or for us, but that it revolves because it always has, and it always will. Love to all that love me, and love to all that don't.

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