13 February, 2009


Walking down the rain soaked hollywood blvd., I can't help but become sinicle towards the thought of the american dream. Strolling past countless tattoo shops, stores selling an endless assortment of hollywood doo-dads, and window displays featuring stiff strippers dressed in their saturday night best, waiting to pleasure and entice any number of men who might show up, but never do.
Constantly being asked for a quarter. A quarter? Would you still ask me for a quarter if you knew I had only a couple dollars and some change in my pocket, you fucking leech? You probably would. Some people think they are entitled to assistance simply because they need it. What about the ones of us who want to work for theirs?
Was it only a year or so ago that we were all consuming at an all time high, brazingly spending money that we didn't have, thinking the ride would never end.
And now I find myself standing at the crosswalk waiting for the little man to tell me its safe, praying the blond driving her brand new suv will lose control as she is switching to the next bumble gum pop song on her i pod, swerve on the oil slicked, rain covered road, and replace her mercedes emblem with my teeth...

But that's not right. Isn't that just like the kid asking me for a quarter? Looking for an easy way out. Besides, I'll probably just get knocked into a coma, and wake up to medical bills that would make the national deficit look like a weekend loss at vegas.
Besides, it'll all be over soon right? And we'll all be a little wiser because of it? I hope so... I really would like to take me wife out to a nice dinner.

11 February, 2009

get lost...

I'm not sure if I'm happy about Lost coming to an end, or sad.
For those of you who don't know what Lost is, I feel bad for you. Its a fantantisc show on tv. It's kinda of like Gilligans Island crossed with the Twilight Zone.
Not since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air have I been so hooked on a show that I would run home to catch it.
I find myself in long conversations about the origins of Charles Widmore's anger towards Ben and the others, or why Jack grew such an atrocious beard. What really happened to Claire, and was the island built, or did it simply appear one day.
Before catching the Lost bug, I thought no more of the fans of the series than I did of a Dundgens and Dragons player or someone who memorized the R Kelly Trapped in a Closet videos. But ever since I watched three seasons of Lost in a couple weeks, I tell you I have been a converted man. Its truly a brilliant show, and I don't care who hears me say it. If you have any extra time on your hands I suggest locking the doors, pulling the shades on the windows, unhooking the phone, and letting yourself fall into a "L-hole".
So again, I don't know if I'm happy about getting my life back from being completely engulfed with Lost like I was trapped on the island myself, or if I'm sad to know that reality isn't going to be quite as fun without the smoke monsters, random skips through time, and Darhma Intiative crackers...