30 December, 2008

here it is...

yet another self indulgent, neuritic blog to let anyone who is somehow so full of extra time that they can search the infinite overly "quippie" blogs that line our virtual streets like so many censored girlie ads on the vegas strip for a new recipes, cool new clothes, or just a release from an oppressed almost genetic fascination with voyeurism. not that i blame you. i think in an age so full of filtered truths and decapitated morals, the only way to find the true essence of what people are actually inspired by is to read every little mundane thought that passes between one's ears, in which a complex series of nerve endings and muscles, translates into anagrams, metaphors and emoticons. what will this blog have that others don't? probably nothing. maybe something. but that's not the point, is it? the point is, there is no point. finding something to stare at and follow over a series of time makes the more obligatory things that fill each day a little more easy to accept; somehow something as little as a well timed distraction, is just what we all need. so enjoy any of the seemingly random things you see and/or read on this blog. it probably wont all be entertaining, but as in life, the hours of picking your proverbial nose for that one golden nugget, when found, is worth all the heartache... or bloody noses.

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